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Friday 1st May - A special day for our 6th Class girls.

We know that Friday 1st May was supposed to be our 6th Class girls' Confirmation Day. We are really hoping that they could make it a special day in their own way. We uploaded three videos for our girls. The first video is a message from Ms. Gunning. We also uploaded a poem written by the staff of Hollypark GNS on what would have been the girls' Confirmation Day and the last video is all of their motivational art quotes that they have sent in to us on Seesaw during that week. We are so lucky to teach such amazing young girls and we hope their motivational words/ poems /art will inspire others and keep everyone in our Hollypark community uplifted during these changing times. Thank you girls.


Also, a special mention to Fr. Kieran, Maeve Davidson, Tom Fortune and all of the team from Foxrock Parish who dedicated a mass to the boys and girls in Hollypark who would have been making their Confirmations last week. Thank you! 

foxrock parish.png
6th Class Ancient Civilisations Projects May 2020

The Ancient Egyptians

Jane - Egyptians.jpg
Jane C..jpg
Siun C..jpg
Kornelija A..jpg

Ancient Mexico & Central America

Ancient Peru 

Alana Incas.jpg

Ancient Italy & Sicily

Niamh - Ancient Rome.jpg

Maori Tribe

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