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Maths Week Gallery 2021

We had a wonderful week of fun in Hollypark during Maths Week which ran from the 18th - 22nd October. There were Principal Problems daily and the girls listened enthusiastically to Ms. Gunning's challenging problems. Prizes were awarded to the winners and this created a wonderful buzz throughout the school.

On Tuesday, plenty of classes were spotted outdoors, participating in Maths Trails.

Wednesday saw the Senior Classes busy doing quizzes in their classrooms. Plenty of games like "Snakes and Ladders" and "Dominoes" to name but a few were in full force at the Junior end.

Queen of the Tables took place on Thursday and the teachers were overwhelmed with the speed of the girls competing, even in Senior Infants! Once again, there were plenty of prizes won by all ages.

Friday was the day most of the students were waiting for. The girls had been guessing the number of jellies in the jars and Ms Gunning was announcing the winners. The whoops of joy could be heard throughout the school when the winners were announced!

Overall, it was a very successful week and through a variety of games and fun workshops, the girls realised that "Maths Is Fun!".


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