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Physical Activity

All classes took part in an Active Break everyday challenge for the month of May 2023. Every class completed an active break challenge chart recording their daily activities. Teachers also endeavored to reduce sedentary time in the classroom by engaging the pupils in active learning activities on a daily basis. Classes engaged in tables games such as “Tables champs” and mental maths activities whilst standing as well as active peer reading and spelling activities.


All classes completed the Daily Mile  and challenge charts in June 2023. Many classes have continued to incorporate the Daily Mile into their timetable since September and our 6th class girls took on the Marathon Kids Challenge in September 2023 in conjunction with DLSP.

Our new walkway plaques were installed in the yard at the beginning of September 2023. Walkway activities appropriate to class levels were laminated and distributed to teachers. Classes were brought out to use the walkway during active week and throughout the year. Here are some of the activities we completed: Infants,1st and 2nd classes completed the colour and pattern activities 3rd and 4th classes completed the addition and multiplication activities. 5th and 6th classes completed the flags and time activities.


Teachers ensure that pupils are engaged in active learning year round. 2nd Class completed a materials hunt around the school grounds during STEM week. Our 3rd classes took part in our annual Céilí with Hollypark Boys' school during Seachtain na Gaeilge. Our 5th and 6th classes practised their oral Irish in preparation for the Fáinne whilst competing in relay races with the pupils from the boys’ school on the Astro pitch. This event was thoroughly enjoyed by the pupils and will definitely feature in our calendar from now on.

Our sports coach Mr. Oreo also ensures the pupils are active year-round. He did an orienteering Maths challenge with every class for Maths/STEM week, a fancy dress race at Halloween and he prepares the girls for activities such as the whole school dance on sports day and the 6th class graduation dance.

We are a green school and pupils are actively encouraged to walk to and from school on a daily basis. Our daily mile challenge will take place in June this year. Teachers and pupils are looking forward to improving their fitness levels for the summer ahead.


We have started “Feel Good Friday” in our school this year where we organise a school wide activity to boost wellbeing and self esteem. In December we got into the festive spirit by “Dancing into December”. Every Friday morning, music was played in the yard and the active flag committee led the morning lines in a dance . It was such a joyous  and active way to start the day. We also plan to use the Dare to believe programme as part of our Feel Good Friday initiative in January.

Have a look at Irish Women's footballer Stephanie Roche setting our girls a Keepie Uppy challenge for Sports Day! Click here

Hollypark Girls National School has a strong sporting tradition. Staying active and involved in sports in a competitive or participatory manner, is central to the positive message and lifelong habits we model and impart to our girls daily. Our  Hollypark GNS teams are currently successfully competing in the following sports:



  • Gaelic football

  • Camogie

  • Athletics

  • Soccer

  • Hockey 

  • Swimming 

  • Tennis

  • Basketball

  • Golf 


Take a look at all our fantastic teams below. Go Hollypark!

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