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Starting School

Enrolment for Junior Infants for September 2023

Parents/Guardians who wish to enrol their child in the school must complete an Application Form. These forms are available on this school website or from the school office during normal school opening hours.

Starting school is exciting, but it can also be a nervous time for both child and parent. Our aim in Hollypark is to make the transition into Primary School as smooth as possible for our new pupils.

We host an 'Open Day' where you and your child can come to school, see the classroom, meet some of our teaching staff and let your daughter familiarise herself with the new classroom and school. Your daughter has an opportunity to explore her new environment and engage with some of the classroom activities and potentially make some new friends before the start of school in September. Our Open Day is on Friday 2nd June 2023.  

Starting school can be daunting for some children. New surroundings, new faces and a whole new routine can be quite upsetting. In order to ease the girls gradually into the routine of the school day we operate a 2 week period of 'short days' finishing school at 11.30am rather than the usual 1.10pm. Parents are invited for tea and an opportunity to mingle with other parents on the first day of school in the Halla for Junior Infants in September. This is kindly organised by the Parents Association. 


In order to promote independence for all children beginning at the earliest stage, we host an "Independence Day" in September. This involves all infants walking into their classrooms on their own.  


The normal school day is outlined below;

Junior Infant School Timetable

  • 8.30 am - School opens & class begins

  • 10.30 - 10.40 - Lunch Break

  • 12.00 - 12.30 - Yard Time

  • 13.10 pm -School day ends for Junior and Senior Infants 


More about us at St. Patricks GNS, Hollypark

  • Circa 570 pupils

  • 22 main stream classes

  • 5 dedicated learning support/resource teachers

  • 3 streams of Junior Infants, Senior Infants, 1st Class/3rd Class, 4th Class & 5th Class

  • 2 streams of 2nd Class & 6th Class


Hollypark provides

  • A caring and happy community

  • An open, warm supportive culture that develops your child’s full potential

Our gifted teachers are renowned for

  • Their excellence and dedication

  • Their commitment to their pupils

  • Their energy and enthusiasm

At Hollypark we have excellent facilities and provide a high standard of Education

  • French teacher from the Lycée Français d’Irlande

  • Vast and varied range of extra curricular activities after school

  • Specialist teachers in P.E.

Choose wisely, 
Choose excellence,
Choose Hollypark! 


Junior Infant Welcome Video and Powerpoint May 2023

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