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PE Curriculum in our School

Our PE curriculum is broad and varied. Pupils are provided with 60 minutes of PE per week. We teach five strands of the PE curriculum. These include Games, Athletics, Dance, Gymnastics and

Outdoor & Adventure Activities.




Every year we prioritise a new strand for development. This year we are prioritising the Athletics strand with a particular focus on the Fundamental Skill of running as part of the Active Flag Initiative. Running is a fundamental skill for all sport, and it was felt that pupils would benefit from improving their running technique and their overall fitness and stamina. All teachers received a pack outlining the teaching points and Fundamental Movement skills of running and are busy teaching very active PE lessons along with our PE teacher Mr. Brown.  Mr. Brown worked on distance running, sprinting, acceleration and finishing techniques. Teachers taught the correct running technique by showing classes the PDST running video and by using the FMS and PSSI lesson plans in PE classes. The girls are improving their running technique, speed and agility whilst enjoying very energetic games and activities such as Ultimate tag, Relay Races and running games. Children are encouraged to practise what they have learned in the PE lesson at school by completing the corresponding activities at home using the following link:        


All of our classes have taken part in the Daily Mile and we have noticed great improvements in their stamina and energy levels. Teachers have also been allocated extra PE slots on our fabulous new Astro pitch and are bringing classes out to hone in on their running skills and technique. During our first Active School Week, 1st and 3rd classes took part in the Marlay Park run and this has encouraged them to participate in further Park Runs with their families. Other classes participated in the Daily Mile on the nearby Sports pitch in Granada. New Equipment has been purchased this year and has been distributed to class teachers to enable them to teach the Athletics strand. 

Teachers use the PSSI lesson plans to help when teaching and delivering the different strands. Our teachers also use a number of other programmes to support their teaching such as the “Move Well Move Often” programme. The strands are also supported by our GAA coach Pat Ring, and sports coach Mr. Brown.







St Patrick’s GNS was very well represented in the Abbotstown Indoor Athletics for Primary Schools event In February this year. A huge congratulations to all the girls who competed in the event at the Sport Ireland Indoor Arena. 37 schools and 640 children from across Ireland took part on the day in both track and field disciplines. The girls are very fortunate to be under the expert guidance and training of Ms. Marnell, Ms. Mc Govern, who train the girls in the mornings before school. 

The school was represented in the long jump, high jump, shot put, hurdles, 60m sprint, 600m and relay. All the girls performed excellently and did themselves and the school proud. Hollypark GNS had another great day on the track coming 2nd place overall. 

Well done again to Genevieve Prederville, Ciara Lacey, Kornelija Aleksiunaite, Zara Kos, Sarah Cowman, Ava Bailey, Tara Walsh, Jennifer Rourke, Alex Doyle, Anna Begum, Jade Doherty, Ali Dunne, Aoibhe Rycraft Byrne, Rachel Murphy, Maeve O'Riagain, Cliona McNamara, Evelyn McNamara, Kate Holland, Sophie Hardy, Elizabeth Merrin. We are very proud of you all!



St Patrick’s GNS held its first Jumapathon on the 26th - 27th September this year in conjunction with the Parents Association. It was a fantastic success resulting in a cumulative jump count of 1526736. This spectacular event raised an incredible €9290.00 for our school. Teachers were busy during their active breaks preparing pupils for this exciting jumping marathon! The yards and our fabulous new astro pitch were a flurry of activity and teachers made the most of the fine autumn weather, encouraged as always by Ms. Gunning. Well done to all of our girls who jumped for joy and especially to the class winners who received an impressive cup in recognition of their efforts.



  • Running

  • Jumping

  • Throwing

  • Understanding and appreciation of athletics



  • Exploration, creation and performance of dance

  • Understanding and appreciation of dance



  • Walking and cycling activities

  • Orienteering

  • Outdoor challenges

  • Water-based activities

  • Understanding and appreciation of outdoor and adventure activities



  • Sending, receiving and travelling

  • Creating and playing game

  • Understanding and appreciation of games



  • Movement

  • Understanding and appreciation of gymnastics