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October in 6th Class


We cheered on the Irish Men's Rugby Team on Thursday morning as they played Russia in The World Cup in Japan! We were very lucky to have a connection in Ms. Shannon's 6th class, as Nicole Mc's dad, Mark, is the Russian Assistant Coach. Also, her cousin is Andrew Conway who played on the Irish Rugby Team! We were all thrilled when we saw Nicole's dad on the big screen giving his pre match interview (even if he was coaching Russia!)



Our trip to the GPO

On the 16th of October, the three 6th classes set off on a school tour to the GPO. We hopped on the 46A in Deansgrange and got the bus into O'Connell Street.

When we arrived at the GPO we were all split into different groups and brought around the museum with our really friendly tour guides. We each had our own earphones which allowed us to listen to our guides speaking perfectly! We learned so much. We were given the opportunity to reflect on how the events of the 1916 Easter Rising, War of Independence, Irish Civil War and the “Troubles” have shaped Ireland over the past 100 years. We were also shown a video reenactment of Dublin during the 1916 Rising and this really brought it to life for us!

Afterwards, we had our lunch in the courtyard of the GPO before taking the bus back home to school!


We have been working very hard creating our own Brainsnax! We got into groups of 2 or 3 and we were instructed to create 10 word problems based on our own theme. The word problems had to involve multiple steps and range from easy, medium to hard. We tried to ensure that each set of Brainsnax had a range of strands included in them and we put our creative minds together to design them! We had a lot of fun designing them in the computer room and soon the three 6th classes will swap Brainsnax and challenge each other!

We also love doing mental maths and really enjoy playing the countdown game from on the interactive whiteboard. We have a target number that we have to get to and then 6 smaller numbers which we are only allowed to use once! We can add, subtract, multiply and divide and the fastest person to reach the target gets to show the class their solution. Ms Shannon sometimes plays the countdown music while we are thinking which definitely adds to the tension in the room! Maths is fun!


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