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Board of Management

Our school operates under the Department of Education's rules for National Schools. The Archbishop of Dublin is the Patron of the school.

The Board of Management is charged with the direct government of the school, the appointment of teachers, subject to the approval of the Patron and Minister for Education and the day to day maintenance and administration of the school.

The Board of Management's term of office is four years and it is composed of:

  • Two direct nominees of the Patron (Archbishop of Dublin).

  • Two parents of children enrolled in the school (one being a mother, the other a father), elected by the general body of parents of children enrolled in the school.

  • The Principal Teacher (or Acting Principal Teacher) of the school.

  • One other teacher on the staff of the school, elected by vote of the teaching staff

  • Two extra members proposed by the above Board members.

The Chairperson of the Board is nominated by the Patron.

Arthur Hutchinson is the current Chairperson of the Board of Management.

The authority of the Principal, who is responsible for the day to day running of the school, derives from the Board of Management.

The Chairperson corresponds with the Department of Education and all outside bodies.

Members of the Board undertake to manage the School in accordance with the regulations of the Department of Education. They are required to keep confidential all matters discussed at meetings unless advised by the Board.

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