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Christmas has arrived in 6th Class!

We've been practising very hard for our performance at the School's Annual Christmas Fair. 'Wise Men: On a Special Mission' is definitely one of our favourite songs to sing!

We have also been very busy making our christmas cribs out of clay. Once we were happy with how our clay was modelled, we painted them in a layer of white paint. Then we allowed them to dry before painting them in colour and adding in the finer details. We then layered them in pva glue to give them a finishing touch! We are so happy with how they turned out!

We worked very hard for our Christmas tests and we were all delighted with our results. For the last week before the Christmas break, we were all asked to choose a talent that we have and to showcase it in front of our teachers and peers. It was called

'Teach the Teacher!'. Our teachers were blown away by all of the secret gifts we all have.

We also had a very special visit to the school and some of us were even lucky enough to be chosen to be Elves! Santa arrived in a fire engine and brought us all candy canes! Hollypark at Christmas time is the best place to be!


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