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January in 6th Class!

Chinese New Year!

We celebrated Chinese New Year with Tracy's mum! We were very lucky to learn how to make dumplings with her and she showed us how she cooks them too. They were delicious! We also learned that 2020 is the year of the rat! Thank you to Tracy's mum for taking the time to come in and share this special occasion with us!

Grandparents' Day!

We love our grandparents! How lucky were we to be able to share this special day with some of our classmates grandparents. We loved chatting about school long ago and comparing it with our school days now. We were treated to lovely meringues and chocolates and laughed a lot! We also had a special area in our classrooms on our sacred tables with photos and messages for those grandparents who were not able to be with us on this special day. It meant a lot to us.

Will it sink or will it float?!

We have been experimenting with lots of different materials to see if they will sink or float. It was great fun going into the other classes to watch them do their experiments. We love predicting what is going to happen and then watching the result!

Well done to our girls!

Well done to four of our girls in Ms deFréin's class who competed in the Credit Union Schools' Quiz! Out of 140 children in total and 35 teams our girls Tara, Jennifer, Elissa and Sarah came in 1st place! We are so proud of them as they will now go forward to represent our school in the next round of the senior category on the 29th February in St. Agnes Parish Hall, Crumlin.

Hollypark abú!


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