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Recommended Websites

We recommend the following site for parents by the ISPCC which relates to the Shield Campaign to protect children from bullying. 


The following links you might enjoy exploring with your child:

Crossword & Wordserach Generators


History & Newgrange


BBC - Little Animals Activity Centre


BBC - School subjects age 4-11


Crayola Art - colouring, craft ideas, games and fun


Crick Web - educational interactive resources


Fun Brain - Math, reading, games


Fun Music site 


Maths Games


Handwriting practice worksheets


Super maths and literacy games


Teaching resources for numeracy and literacy


Teaching and Learning resources on the internet


National Geographic Kids


PBS Kids - More on your favourite TV shows


Roy - Tale of a singing Zebra


Scoil Net


Sebastian Swan


Phonics and fun while learning to read!


Supersite for kids


Under 5s - Activities, songs, rhymes, craft etc


Educational games and activities


Yahooligans - cool stuff, games and lots more


This booklet will help parents to help their children have a positive experience when they are online. It provides information, advice and conversation starters about the benefits and risks they need to be aware of when using the internet.

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