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Curriculum Links

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Myself and the Wider World

- enable the child to respect human and cultural diversity and to appreciate and understand the interdependent nature of the world

- develop in the child a sense of social responsibility, a commitment to active and participative citizenship and an appreciation of the democratic way of life


Local Studies

- foster in the child a sense of responsibility for the long-term care of the environment and a commitment to promote the sustainable use of the earth’s resources through his/her personal life-style and participation in collective environmental decision-making


enable the child to play a responsible role as an individual, as a family member and as a member of local, regional, national, European and global communities


Fabric & Fibre, Construction

- enable the child to see and to solve problems creatively through imaginative thinking and so encourage individuality and enterprise

- foster a sense of excellence in and appreciation of the arts in local, regional, national and global contexts, both past and present


Reading, Writing and Oral Language

- enhance emotional, imaginative and aesthetic development through oral, reading and writing experiences

- develop cognitive ability and the capacity to clarify thinking through oral language, writing and reading

- enable the child to read and write independently

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