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History of our School

Hollypark school began life in 1966 as a small co-ed school, catering mainly for the children of the parish of Foxrock, with three teachers in pre-fabricated classrooms. It expanded rapidly and eventually in 1974, it separated into two single sex schools, catering for boys and girls, when the present two-storey building occupied by the Girls' School was completed.

As a result of a Franco - Irish Cultural Agreement in 1969, a new Franco - Irish primary school came into existence, to provide an education suited to the needs of French, Angle - French, Irish and other nationalities with an interest in France, through their employment or business. It has been sharing our site with us ever since. It too has expanded and between the three schools 1400c. primary children are educated. The campus includes a sports field and tennis courts - shared with the Boys' School and three playgrounds.

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