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Environmental  Review


We are so lucky to be taking part in the Picker Pals programme this year! Picker Pals gives children the tools and motivation to make a difference in their local communities. Litter-picking activity is motivated through a Picker Pals story world, told through resources both in-hand and on-screen. We were provided with 6 Picker Pals Packs and have been cleaning up our school and the surrounding area together. Take a look at our most recent street clean up!

Clean Up Progress


Well done to our 6th Class committee members for focusing on keeping our astro pitch clean and tidy! The girls have kept an eye on the pitch and spend time each week analysing the rubbish found, in order to see what changes we can make to our routines. The girls are working hard with our theme of Global Citizenship: Marine Environment by updating each class about what waste is found and what progress has been made.

Super work girls!

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