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Ms. Gunning's Newsletter - 30th June 2023

Congratulations to our 6th Class Graduates.

You were a wonderful year group, and we will miss you. You have left an indelible and unique mark on our school.

You will be a tough act to follow but I have enormous faith in our 5th Class girls who are ready to take on this leadership challenge.

We wish our graduates the very best in your new schools – they are lucky to have you.


Junior Infants

Well done to our Junior Infants – you have made it through your first year– seamlessly transitioning from pre-school to ‘Big School’.

You will be a great example to our new Junior Infants who we look forward to welcoming into our school on Wednesday 30th August.

And to all our girls in between:

  • You have given of your best to be the best that you can be.

  • And I am immensely proud of you.


First day of new school year: Wednesday 30th August School Calendar 2023 2024

Start Time

Finish Time

Senior Infants



1st & 2nd Class



3rd/4th/5th/6th Class



From 30th August to 13th September, new Junior Infants will adhere to the times as per the calendar enclosed in the Junior Infant Welcome Pack.

As per DE Standardised Year the school office will be closed from 12pm Friday 30th June and will re-open on Monday 28th August.


Admissions for School Year 2023/2024

Please keep an eye on our website for the latest information regarding Admission to School for Junior Infants 2024.

The window for application will open in early October 2023.

After School Activities: September 2023

We are delighted to offer a broad spectrum of after-school activities to our girls from September 2023. Timetable is now available on

Oreo’s Summer Camp at Hollypark GNS!!

For children aged 3 to 11. Book by emailing:

A chairde, tá an samhradh buailte linn faoi dheireadh. Summer has arrived!

The girls have really enjoyed learning their Frásaí na Seachtaine and have had fun recording the little clips for the newsletter/ Twitter every week.

There's a saying in Irish "De réir a chéile a thógtar na caisleáin".

It means, little by little the castle is built- in other words Rome wasn't built in a day!

Gradually weaving the odd frása from this list into your everyday chat at home will really help the girls retain their fluency over the summer.

Bíodh samhradh iontach agaibh go léir


Hollypark PA

I wish to thank our PA for their fantastic support and work over the last year.

Their fundraising events will help greatly toward the costs of the ongoing refurbishment of the school building.

Our girls thoroughly enjoyed the return of the Hallowe’en Cake Sale & Raffle; the introduction of the Late Late Toy Show Goodie Bags and of course the arrival of Santa in style to the school.

We were also delighted to welcome our Library Ladies back into the school. Our PA hosted numerous coffee mornings, organised pop-up uniform sales, smart navy hoodies for our 6th Classes and produced a beautiful commemorative Year Book for our Graduation Class.

A very special thank you to Andrew Rhatigan

for his chairpersonship of the PA and we look forward to continuing to work with Andrew and his team in 23/24.

All parents are invited to involve themselves in the work of the PA.

If you think this is something you would enjoy, please contact Andrew at


Pre-Loved Uniform Sales: Collection Day

Thank you to our PA for organising yesterday’s uniform collection.

  • A Pre-Loved Uniform Sale will take place in late August. Date tbc shortly.

  • Girls will be expected to wear full school uniform from 30th August.

  • Girls should wear the school tracksuit on PE days only.

  • For health and safety reasons, stud earrings only are permitted.

  • Nail polish and make-up are not allowed.


Smart Phones

The PAs of Hollypark GNS & BNS are working with local schools in considering the introduction of a Voluntary Code for Smart Phones.


Thank You

Thank you to our Board of Management, led by Chairperson Mr Arthur Hutchinson, who work tirelessly to ensure good governance in Hollypark.

The ongoing enhancement of our children’s learning environment is only made possible

by our hard-working Board and the unswerving generosity of our parent body.


Voluntary Contribution

Thank you to all our families for giving so generously to the Voluntary Contribution.

We know how many pressures are put on households, and very much appreciate you prioritising the school.

  • This year families contributed €52298.

  • Every contribution makes a difference – Thank you


Class Extras

Thank you to all our parents who have paid their class extras for 2023/2024.

  • Outstanding payments can still be made via Aladdin.

  • This year each school has received a grant so that all textbooks, workbooks and copies will be supplied by the school for 23/24.

  • We hope this makes a difference for families.


Continuing Renovations/Upgrade

Thanks to DE funding we have replaced our boilers and upgraded our heating system.

This should increase our energy efficiency, be more cost effective and make our school more comfortable. DE funding has also allowed for an upgrade to the school’s emergency and alarm systems.


Thanks to parental funding and Voluntary Contributions

work will continue on our school refurbishment programme throughout the summer

I am privileged to work with a dedicated and talented teambwho always give 100%

Heartfelt thanks to our teachers, SNAs, secretaries, caretaker & cleaning staff

who work together to ensure that our girls can be the best that they can be.

Birthdays this week in Hollypark

  • Amelia Gibbs

  • Layla Hess Deehan

  • Paige Cooney

  • Amy Shelley

  • Jessica O’Hanlon

  • Emily Griffith

  • Annabel Bailie

  • Lauren Bartley-Tonge

  • Elena Holland

  • Lauren Doherty

  • Hayley Sewe

  • Ella Montgomery

  • Rebecca O’Dwyer

  • Kate O’Halloran


Lá breithe sona daoibh!!

Wishing all our girls the very best of summers!

Enjoy a well-earned break and come back to us safe, well and refreshed.


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