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Catholic Schools' Week: 23rd January – 30th January 2022

We celebrated Catholic Schools' Week in Hollypark.

‘Catholic Schools: Living Life to the Full’.

Wednesday was Grandparents’ Day. Our classes recorded Prayer Services to celebrate Catholic Schools' Week and especially our Grandparents. Please click here to access these recordings.

In addition, each family received two special CSW candles, which could be given to our grandparents or lit in their honour. We also said farewell to Maeve Davidson, our school chaplain. Maeve was an integral part of our school community and she will always have a place in our heart rooms. Watch the video below to see Maeve's send off!

Maeve's Farewell Speech by Claire Pegum and Rachel Heeney (6th Class)
Today we are here to say goodbye to Maeve, but also thank her for all that she has done for our community. Not only does she play a huge role in our parish, she also is a big part of our school life. Each year, she has helped prepare all the candidates from their Confession and Communion to their Service of Light and Confirmation. She makes all of us feel welcome and at home. Donnybrook Church is so lucky to have an amazing person like Maeve join them.
One of the many things she has done for us is give up her time every Thursday morning at nine o’ clock to teach us about our faith family and our parish. We all love listening to her, and she explains things in such a way that helps us to understand more about our religion. Maeve is such a kind and caring person, and she will be missed dearly in our parish. We wish you all the best in your new job, and you will always have a place in our heart room.


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