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Newsletter: 14th February 2024

Frásaí na Seachtaine

"Lá 'le Vailintín atá ann.

Grá mo chroí thú!"

See below to listen to the girls from Ms O'Shea's Rang a Dó

showing us how to pronounce our Frásaí na Seachtaine!


School Calendar 2023-24

The School Calendar is available here.

Planned School Closures: Term 2

Thursday 15th & Friday 16th February

Midterm Break

Monday 18th March

St Patrick's Day Public Holiday

Friday 22nd March

Last Day of Term 2

Monday 8th April

School re-opens for Term 3


First Confession

Well done to our 2nd Class girls who celebrated their First Confession last Saturday. As always they were a credit to themselves, their families and their school.

We are looking forward to our second celebration of First Confession for our remaining girls on Saturday 9th March @ 12pm.


Ash Wednesday

Today marks the first day of Lent. In Hollypark we encourage our girls to take on some positive act during this time - maybe some additional chore at home; simple acts of kindness to family, friends and other children. One way our girls can do this is by contributing to the Trocaire boxes which have been distributed to all families.

On this year’s Trócaire box, we learn about 12-year-old twins Patricia and Patrick, their Mum Malita and their family who are struggling with the devastating effects of climate change.

To tell you more about this year’s story and how you can help, Trócaire has put together a short video. Click here to see the video that has been created especially with the primary schools audience in mind.


Geography Day


Our girls had an exciting day today celebrating many interesting places around the world during Geography Day. Due to your support and encouragement, our Geography Display was a great success. Thank you.

Our girls engaged in many enjoyable activities. Lots of our middle and senior girls presented very informative projects about different countries around the world.

We hope our girls have been inspired to continue exploring and protecting our wonderful world in the future!

‘Geography is a living, breathing subject, constantly adapting itself to change. It is dynamic and relevant. Geography is a great adventure with a purpose’. Michael Palin

Our junior girls were very fortunate to experience traditional Flamenco dancing by our Spanish student teacher, Ms. Galvez. Ms. Galvez has been learning Flamenco since she was a little girl in Seville, Spain. We were enthralled by her skill and loved learning all about Spain. Olé!


Respect for Our Neighbours

As a Green School we actively encourage our girls to walk, cycle and scoot to school. As 80% of our pupils live within 2km of the school, this is very doable for many.


Walking, cycling and scooting not only provide a wonderful opportunity for chats with friends, improving our physical and mental health and caring for our environment, but these methods also help to reduce traffic, making the area around our school a safer place not just for our pupils but for all our neighbours. Unfortunately, but quite justifiably, our neighbours frequently complain of inconsiderate parking on the roads close to our school.


Please use the Church car park if it’s on your route to school: parking at the Church is free to all families at drop off and collection times.


3rd Class Clay Hearts

Ms. Cunneen's 3rd class made clay heart pots for Valentine's Day. They formed them, let them dry, painted them with acrylic paint and then filled them with sweets for the lucky Mums /Dads /Grandparents! 


Birthdays this Week in Hollypark!

Lucy O'Malley

Lucy Bella Bowe

Aoife Higgins

Zoe Lyons

Eva Daly

Olivia Kilroy

Holly Byrne

Melaniia Dziuma

Isla Richardson

Amaia Cronin

Rosalie Toole

Charlotte Hyland

Youfu Zhao




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