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Literacy Week Week / Book Fair March 2022

We thoroughly enjoyed our Literacy Week in Hollypark. The lifting of restrictions enabled much inter-class collaborative work. We hope that parents have had an opportunity to visit our Online Book Fair which continues until Sunday 13th March. All commission will be used to buy new and well-loved books for our girls’ class libraries.

Thank you to our girls in 5th and 6th class for their enthusiastic and encouraging posters to celebrate reading! Well done to the girls whose posters were chosen to be displayed on our 'highly commended' wall!

Our 5th class girls read stories to the younger classes in our cosy foyer!

Our 6th class girls took part in 'Book Speed Dating!'. They had 1 minute to talk about their favourite book and 1 minute to listen to a friend about another book. A bell rang when their time was up and they had to find someone new to chat to! They then took made a list of books that they enjoyed hearing about and introduced each other to many new ideas for reading! It was very enjoyable!


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