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Friendship Week in Hollypark - February 2022

Friendship Week: 14th – 18th February 2022

We enjoyed a wonderful Friendship Week in Hollypark celebrating friendship and cultural diversity. To start this special week, our girls received a special amber wristband which read 'I Believe in Myself'. During Friendship Week we embraced our school motto "United in Friendship together we strive". We celebrated inclusivity by exploring all the cultural links our pupils share.

Thanks to our Amber Flag Committee who inspired all classes each morning with a special wellbeing message. Our girls also learned the following Daily Affirmations;

I am strong
I am smart
I am capable
I work hard
I am respectful
I am not better than anybody
Nobody is better than me
I am amazing I believe in myself
Thank you God for making me

Well done to our girls in 3rd class who led the daily affirmations for the whole school on Friday at assembly!

A special reading area was set up in our tunnel as our 6th Classes took turns to read to Junior Infants, Senior Infants and 1st Class.

An outdoor whole school assembly was on Friday. 5th class girls recited a poem written by Sarah Davitt in 5th class!

During the week we also placed a spotlight on Cyber Safety: 3rd to 6th classes participated in Cyber Safety Awareness workshops with Zeeko. We were also delighted to see so many parents at the Zeeko webinar on Tuesday night. We hope that parents found this webinar informative and helpful. At the end of the week the girls received a special Certificate of Participation.

Thank you to our Amber Flag Committee for an amazing week!


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