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Science Week at Hollypark GNS 2019

Science Day in 4th Class!

We were so lucky to have Éadaoin's mum in to school Wednesday 13.11.19 to teach us all about what its like to be an Anaesthetic Nurse.


We had LOADS of questions which she kindly answered so patiently. We had a demonstration on how the heart works and our very own theatre kit to wear!

On Thursday we were spoilt once again to have Kates mum in to teach us all about what it is like to work as a Chartered Physiotherapist.


We learned about how our spine should be correctly aligned and that we need to take care of our bodies now so that we have less back and muscle pain as we grow older.


By the end of the session we had completed a Certificate in Manual Handling!!


Making turbines in 6th class!

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