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Culture of Respect

Respect is to be treated with care and consideration.

St Patrick’s GNS, Hollypark

Roll Number: 19259W


Ratified on: 24th October 2018

Signed: Margaret Keane

Chairperson, BOM


At the time of drawing up this policy, all details and the enclosed information are correct. It is possible that between now and the review date, changes may have to be made to the provisions, policies and procedures of the school. This may be due to external changes required by the Department of Education and Skills, the school patron or other agencies. Mandatory policies will be available on the school website and up to date information will be posted regularly.


At St Patrick’s GNS, Hollypark there is a commitment to provide a safe, supportive environment for all members of our school, so that students can achieve their full potential enabling them to participate fully in society.

To this end, there is commitment to develop and then maintain a “Culture of Respect” throughout our school community. Every member of our school community is encouraged to “Choose Respect”


Choose Respect” is to make a conscious effort to

  • Treat others with Respect, no matter how they treat you

  • Treat yourself with Respect

  • Forgive others who do not treat you with Respect

  • Resist your natural desire to pay back or take revenge

  • Apologise when you do not treat others with Respect

  • Support others who are not being treated with Respect

  • Ask for support when others do not treat you with Respect.


In St Patrick’s GNS, Hollypark we actively promote positive respectful behaviours in the following ways:

  • Looking out for others

  • Raising positive energy

  • Building self-esteem

  • Co-operating

  • Modelling desired social behaviours

  • Rewarding and highlighting positive social behaviours

  • Always look for the best in our pupils

  • Being polite and courteous

  • Being fair, gentle, compassionate and kind

  • Ensuring a secure and safe environment for all pupils


Respect in our school involves:

  • Being patient

  • Honouring the other

  • Building character

  • Discipline and boundaries

  • Admiration and praise of others

  • Building trust

  • Developing a climate of stability, acceptance and security


How Respect is modelled in our school:

  • Having an awareness of how I treat others

  • Having an appreciation of other people

  • Being aware of other’s feelings- empathy

  • Keeping healthy boundaries

  • Treating others how I wish to be treated

  • Really listening to others

  • Showing kindness and care

  • Treating ourselves and others with dignity

  • Treating others with respect, regardless of how I am treated


In our school, having a focus on Respect requires individual and collective involvement. We encourage all pupils to think about Respect and Respectful behaviours. Having Respect for oneself and others is clearly communicated. In St Patrick’s GNS, Hollypark, we instil a sense of pride and belonging in our pupils so they are invested in the school community and the school’s future.


Building Respect into each day includes:

  • Making time for greetings each morning

  • Having a Mantra for Respect

  • Appreciating and reinforcing positive behaviour, verbally and visually. Monthly Social Stars Programme.

  • Circle time and other such initiatives

  • Appropriate reward systems

  • Class rules that the students have input into developing and ownership of.

  • Posters around the school which highlight Respect

Principles of Respect

The following principles are fundamental to understanding and developing our Culture of Respect in St Patrick’s GNS, Hollypark:


  1. Every human being is unique, and has inherent worth and value, and therefore should be treated with Respect.

  2. Respect is not only an attitude, but an observable behaviour.  Respect will be clearly demonstrated in our school in the following areas:

    • Respect of others

    • Respect for yourself

    • Respect for property

    • Respect for positions of authority

    • Respect for the environment

  3. Every member of our school knows inherently how to demonstrate Respect.

  4. If a member of our school community is not treating others or themselves with Respect, they are making a conscious choice NOT to do so.

  5. Every member of our school community is responsible for their own actions and choices.  These actions and choices will always have consequences.

  6. It is acknowledged that every member of our school community will at some time fall short of the ‘Code of Behaviour’.   However by providing an explicit standard or benchmark for what is right and acceptable behaviour we are holding up a ‘standard of behaviour’ to work towards.



This policy will be subject to regular review and update.

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