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GeoWeek 23rd - 27th November 2020!

We celebrated GeoWeek (Geography Awareness Week) from 23rd - 27th November. The purpose of GeoWeek is to highlight the importance of geographical knowledge for understanding the world around us and addressing contemporary social, political and environmental issues. To raise awareness of the importance of geographical knowledge, the theme of this year’s GeoWeek was Celebrating Geography.

The girls had great fun celebrating geography. There were lots of interesting posters and questions for the girls to think about displayed around the school. Some classes learned about the journey of a banana, others did amazing projects on various countries, designed flags about themselves, produced interesting travel brochures about Japan, engaged in a virtual workshop on the oceans and sea life around Ireland while others did a map trail around our local area.


Infants enjoyed listening to a fair trade banana story. The story explains the journey of a banana from farming in Columbia and transport by boat to our shop shelves. The girls wrote about it in English and created amazing bananas in art. Well done girls!


Ms. O'Sulivan's Class learned about Italy and designed are some photos of their great work:


Ms. Byrne's 2nd class girls were around the world in one week! They completed projects on Germany, India, Mexico, Japan and Portugal to name but a few. Here are some photos of their amazing work.

Ms. McNulty's 2nd class designed unique flags and learned all about Italy, France, Iceland and Portugal! Here is a snapshot of some of their hard work...

Ms. Belton's 2nd class were busy studying maps which is a very important skill indeed! Here they are deep in concentration.....


3rd Class engaged in a virtual workshop with Sea Synergy about the oceans and sea life around Ireland!


4th class were busy learning all about Japan. They produced very interesting travel brochures.... and did some amazing art work!


5th Class took part in the 'Recreate' project which involved creating amazing sea creatures from the materials sent to us by 'Recreate', Dublin. They also brushed up on their map skills by mapping a trail in the local area and recording stopping points along the way. This was so enjoyable and eye-opening!

Ms. Haugh's Class learned all about Aquaculture and studied some ordinance survey work. Ms. Dobey's class took part in a 'flags bingo' game and incorporated a 'senses' theme into their map walk. Ms. Cunneen's class played a 'Kahoot' Geography quiz on the ipads, made paper mache globes, did projects in our pods on Polar Animals and studied climate which included the creation of their 'climate wheels' in groups!


Ms. Conlon's 6th class enjoyed GeoWeek and can be seen here reading the posters on the corridors and doing some map work.

Ms. Mulvaney's 6th were learning all about the earth and its three layers: the crust, the mantle and the core. Here are some photos of their fabulous work.....


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