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Congratulations Rachel + Chloe!

Some very exciting news in 5th Class as Rachel Murphy in Ms. Burns Dooley's class and Chloe Drury Byrne in Ms. Conlon's class both recently entered a poetry competition entitled 'Making Time for Poetry' (see attachment below) and won awards! Girls, we are so proud of you - well done!

First Place: Time A poem that is beautifully crafted about nature's power of healing and how time can pass slowly. Congratulations on your wonderful poem

Time Time flies by, that’s what people say, but to me, I hear my watch ticking, every second of every day. I sit anxiously, always glancing at the clock I hear it in my head, tick-tock, tick-tock. I never, ever, know what to do, I try to watch other people to give me some sort of clue, by the window, that’s where I sit morning ‘til dawn, with my candle lit, but whatever people do, it never seems to be inspiring to me, it’s like a lock, not fitting in a key. I knew some day, I would figure out why time ticked by so slowly, what this was all about, and I was right, that day did come, to me, when someone came in and told me about the sea. She told me about the noises it makes the way it sways side to side, and listening is all it takes, she told me you can go surfing on the beautiful waves and it doesn’t waste time, it’s time that it saves. She was with me for hours, telling me everything about the sea, I felt I would have a connection with it, it would have a connection with me. So the next day, I stood in front of the sea, It was just right, and I knew it would always be there for me.

Rachel Murphy, Age 12 1st Place, Junior Category

Second Place: Timeless Friends A poem that tells the story of a friendship between a fox and a hedgehog and time passing in nature. Beautifully written, with wonderful use of rhythm and rhyme.

Timeless Friends As the trees swayed softly and the leaves fell to the ground, Said the fox to the hedgehog “I cannot hear a sound. For winter is coming and the trees are bare, And snow is falling everywhere.” As the two friends walked along the snow Said the fox to the hedgehog “Where shall we go? My nice little cottage would serve us well – Some warm tea and stories we could tell”. So they sat by the fire, recalling the Summer gone by, Of playing in the meadow where the hay was stacked high, Picking blackberries from bramble bushes, And playing games between the rushes. They laughed and chatted for hours on end, Remembering good times they’d had with their friends. Outside the trees and ground were white, As the snow fell softly through the night. Then the clock chimed midnight, and hedgehog’s eyes fell deep For this was the time for him to sleep. Said the hedgehog to the fox “goodbye and good night, Until we meet again my friend in the warm spring light.”

Chloe Drury Byrne, Age 11 2nd Place, Junior Category

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