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Science week in 5th class!

Ms. Cunneen’s 5th finished Science Week with a bang! We investigated the absorption of water by plants using celery. This process is called osmosis. Plants absorb water through their roots by a process called transpiration. The water travels up tubes in the stems to all parts of the plants and is used during photosynthesis to make food for the plant. When food colouring is added to the water, it travels with the water into the celery's stem and then into the leaves. Plants also absorb nutrients from the soil through the roots and up through the phloem in the plant's stems. The food colouring illustrates how nutrients are delivered to all parts of the plant.

We made string telephones inspired by our study of Alexander Graham Bell who invented the first practical telephone. A simple paper cup phone works by transmitting sound vibrations along a tightly-pulled string. The bottom of each cup serves as a combination microphone and speaker, picking up sound vibrations on one and reproducing the sound at the other. We made and designed them before going out to the yard to talk, whisper and sing into them! We had to make sure that the string was taught so that the sound vibrations could be transmitted through the string. We had great fun!

We took part in a science quiz on ‘Kahoot’ using the ipads and learned so much. We loved the excitement of science week. Although it is 'Friday 13th' (a risky day to carry out experiments) we escaped intact and without injury throughout the day!


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